What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

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Lodges – Water in the wilderness

How do you ensure you get quality water in the remote places?

Lodges, cabins, cottages, bungalows or retreats. Call them what you will, we all love to get away from it all. But how do you ensure you get quality water in the remote places we love? Don’t ruin a get-away by getting sick from your lodge’s water supply!

Varying water quality in lodges

So what’s the problem..?

The problem is that as you slip off the grid, so does your water supply. Most cabins in remote regions rely on a local water supply. This can either be a private well, or stream, or perhaps rain water collection. It’s up the owner or user to ensure that the water is not only in good supply, but also of good quality and suitable for drinking. Just because the water looks clear, does not mean it is safe to drink!

The other problem is that weather in the mountains varies greatly. In summer, it can be hot and dry, and water can become stagnant. Livestock can be grazing, and may pollute local water supplies with Giardia. In autumn the weather can vary greatly, with heavy rainfalls and water supplies can become contaminated by surface infiltration.

In winter, water may be hard to find at all, and in spring, the snow melt brings high and turbulent flows. In tropical regions, water can become contaminated by water borne diseases such as Nematoda, Dracunculiasis and Schistosomiasis. The monsoon may bring relief from the heat, but in doing so the heavy rain and flash flooding will carry many contaminants and pathogens with it.

So in summary, water in remote areas may be abundant at times, but is always highly unpredictable and has varying quality depending on seasons and weather. Don’t for a moment think your water is always safe to drink! It may be one day, but what about the next?

Water Treatment for rainwater, water from mountain snow melt

Treatment..? What treatment?

Water treatment for lodges

We are all used to opening the tap, and having clean water flow out from our providers. We take clean water for granted. Many lodges have a source of water, but no form of water treatment. Worse still, owners believe their water is safe just because it looks clear. Even if your water comes straight from the mountain snow melt, it may still have contaminants collected from runoff and animal manure.

Treatment: Using rainwater

Those using rainwater must ensure that no contaminants or animals make it into their water storage tank. Biofilm is a haven for microorganisms, and will start to develop of the inside of storage tanks and pipework. Even if the water is good enough for you, is it good enough for kids, or guests visiting your lodge?

Water treatment solution for lodges

So what’s the solution then?

Well certainly, you don’t want to be carrying lots of bottled water on your hiking trip. What do you do with the rubbish afterwards? We must take control of our own water, especially out in remote areas which are not serviced by the regular authorities.

Water safe to drink with Suntuity filtration

Installing a Point of Use (PoU) or Point of Entry (PoE) water treatment solution in your lodge will protect you from contaminants and pathogens. Regardless of the weather or conditions outside, your water will be safe to drink through Suntuity Filtration. Suntuity has many cost effective solutions for your get-away hide-out. Your water will be crisp, crystal clear, without any odor or bad taste and always safe to drink. Suntuity systems can run on very little power, a 12v solar panel or no power at all. Their compact size makes them ideal for fitting in small spaces. The Suntuity Biofilter deals with toxins and organics ensuring pure water where ever you are.

Your benefits from Suntuity Filtration

  • water safe to drink, regardless of weather conditions
  • crystal clear water, without any odor or bad taste
  • running on a very little power
  • compact size

Suntuity WaterWorks Filtration:

Get crisp, crystal clear water, without any odor or bad taste which is always safe to drink.