What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

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UrSpring Filtration in Food Production

How clean is City Water?

City Water is widely used for Food Production and Food Processing.
How clean is City Water? Can water contaminate food?

UrSpring  Filtration in Food Production

"Water & Food Caused Outbreaks"

Water in food production is a vehicle for the transmission of many agents of disease and continues to cause significant outbreaks.

Jamie Bartram et al., World Health Organization, 2002

Healthy water for you as well? 

Water in food production and processing

Primary Food Production

More than 2 thirds of all fresh-water abstraction worldwide goes towards primary food production. More and more frequently, high pathogen levels are found in irrigation water or fertilizer sludge. That’s because there are no guidelines for pathogen concentrations in sludge or water used for primary food production in most EU countries.

Especially seed sprouts have to be handled with extra care: Sprouts are grown in warm and humid conditions, which facilitate the growth of pathogens. Therefor, the Alimentarius Commission CODEX recommends drinking water to be used for washing seeds during the sprouting process.

Water in Food Processing

Untreated City Water is used widely in food processing – e.g. for making ice or washing fruits or vegetables. Untreated City Water is often also used as an ingredient.

Water Quality Criteria

Taste and Odor

depends on Rust, Chlorination, Byproducts or Minerals. It effects on Esthetics, Product Quality and Yield.


changes depending on Hardness, Particles and sometimes sludge. It has an impact on Esthetics, Product Quality and Yield.

Hygiene and Safety

Micro-organisms, Viruses and Bacteria are responsible for Product Quality, Shelf Life and Yield.