What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

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Using Ultrafiltration to Purify Drinking Water

Ultrafiltration is purely physical filtration with defined pores approximately 20 nanometers (nm) in size. They not only remove turbidity (the cloudiness you sometimes see in tap water) but also potential pathogens.

Surface influences on the treatment of drinking water

The various layers under the earth’s surface differ geologically. This means that in some regions heavy rains or heavy snow melt will pass too quickly from the surface into the groundwater. The natural filtration of the soil layers is often inadequate and fails to remove the pathogens, parasites, and bacteria picked up from the surface. These then find their way into our water treatment plants and possibly into our drinking water.

Parasites are not necessarily disabled by disinfection methods such as chlorination or UV irradiation. Temporary turbidity also allows other pathogens to pass through the disinfection systems intact. Parasites and pathogens can therefore contaminate public water supplies.

If this occurred, the cleaning and disinfection of the supply network is very complex and expensive. In both cases, the use of ultrafiltration is required. Ultrafiltration completely removes:

  • turbidity
  • rust stains
  • pathogens

and thus creates a safe supply of drinking water, even when conditions at the source vary. Ultrafiltration depends on using certified filtration technology.

Suntuity Waterworks ultrafiltration: the optimal treatment process

Optimized control technology

Urspring ultrafiltration systems and control systems and related software were developed in Germany in 2007 and it has continually developed ever since. Tried and tested Control Pro was especially designed for ultrafiltration processes and allows settings to be made on all of the major components to ensure an optimized purification process. The system also controls all of the sensors and actuators in a water treatment plant, thus making additional control equipment unnecessary. The Easy Connect Kit also allows systems operated in parallel to use the same peripheral devices. In addition, the system can also be integrated via the CAN bus into a master controller.

Integrated alarm system

An internal modem makes it possible to control and maintain the system remotely via the internet and take readings from the data logger to analyze and optimize operations. Alarm messages can be forwarded to up to 10 mobile numbers to ensure that downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum.

6 Advantages of Urspring ultrafiltration


Filtration is a purely physical process. We dispense entirely with the use of chemicals and irradiation and only use natural technology. This preserves the water’s natural balance and does not change it.

1. Little energy and water consumption

Suntuity Waterworks water filters consume little power. In addition, the flushing operation consumes only a minimal amount of water compared to conventional reverse osmosis technologies. Much of our equipment also flushes automatically and only when really necessary.

2. Low maintenance costs

No need to worry about remembering to flush Suntuity Waterworks filtration systems. The flushing usually takes place at night and automatically. 

3. Clean drinking water to every tap

Suntuity Waterworks whole house water filter systems are installed directly at the transfer point from the public water lines into your home. They prevent millions of germs from ever penetrating your domestic pipelines and you get the best drinking water at every tap.

4. Patented nanotechnology

Suntuity Waterworks partners with the best quality global innovation and technology leaders in the field of drinking water in public buildings and private homes. The filtering processes have been subjected to extensive testing by the DVGW & the EPA.

5. Flexible, easy-to-use technology

The installation of our whole house water filter systems is simple and can usually be installed by your local plumber. 

6. Other advantages of Urspring ultrafiltration

Urspring integrity test (membrane test)

To make sure that all pathogens are removed, all our large commercial systems have been subjected to patented, fully automated, high-resolution integrity tests according to the most stringent technical certification requirements of the US EPA. (The DVGW added parts of these requirements to its W213-5 regulations in 2013.) The membrane test can be performed automatically daily and will automatically detect defects of up to 1.6 μm, automatically.

Secure, sustainable, and cost-effective operation

The electricity required to run the ultrafiltration system is minimal. Urspring's many years of experience designing ultrafiltration systems have resulted in a system with low operating costs. Flushing the system with just water makes for a highly efficient system, even if the incoming water varies in quality. 

Detailed information about Urspring filtration?

We’re happy that you’re interested in our developed technology. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us. waterworks@suntuity.com 

Detailed information


Urspring Ultrafiltration

Removal performance

Completely removes:

Viruses (MS2 Phage)
Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli)
Parasites (Crypto)

    Water consumption during flushing

    typically less than 1 gallon


    full-automatic, daily filter flushing
    tested by german DVGW and U.S. EPA
    optional: integrated membranetest
    optional: control- and alarmsystem