What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code


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Urspring Whole House Water Filtration

   UrSpring Data Sheet  

Because every tap counts

Nature does it, and so can we: natural water filtration. UrSpring is the ultimate in water purification for your home. Innovative engineering and quality German workmanship. To ensure unlimited availability of clean, healthy water for you and your family, Suntuity Waterworks offers a filtration method that uses a high-tech membrane with pores so incredibly fine that pathogens and airborne particles are filtered out without a trace.

In nature, water attains the highest levels of purity by percolating through various rock layers for centuries. Ursprings systems achieve the same degree of purity without chemical or UV treatment, so you can enjoy water as crystal clear as that provided by nature itself.

  • For Homeowners with city or well water 
  • Simple installation by any local certified plumber
  • Removes pathogens, parasites, rust staining, bothersome suspended matter and Legionella
  • No chemicals – completely environmentally friendly

Here's how you can get your own

Order the UrSpring online and it will be delivered directly to your door with free shipping in 5 days 

Our products are manufactured in Germany and shipped directly to your home by FedEx. 

Installed at the cold water point of entry to your home by any certified plumber in 30 minutes or less

The UrSpring is installed directly at the cold water transfer point in your home, so it removes all germs, pathogens, and single-celled and multi-cellular organisms from your water, completely and without a trace – before they can enter your home’s water lines. The water is returned to its original condition at the source, and unhealthy substances are conducted directly to the wastewater system. Installation steps

Enjoy Pure & Safe water - No worry automatic filter flushing

Captured bacteria and unwanted substances are flushed out automatically every day into the wastewater system; the process takes a few seconds and uses less than 1 gallon. Retained germs and contaminants are carried away in the wastewater, so there is no dangerous build-up of pathogens that occur in terminal filters without a flushing function. If your home has a water filtration or conditioner install Urpring directly after those tanks to capture and block bacteria build up that will materialize in time inside those filters.

UrSpring advanced technology 


Taste is just the beginning

UrSpring the #1 technology to eliminate pathogens before they enter your home's water pipes.

1. Great-tasting drinking water from every tap

Not only is water the largest component of our bodies, it is also the most commonly consumed substance throughout our lives. Water quality is of the utmost importance to our health! With the Suntuity WaterWorks ultrafiltration systems, you can ensure the quality of the water in your own home. Safe, clean drinking water from every tap in your home. Only the best for you and your family’s health!

2. Completely free of chemicals

We use absolutely no chemicals and no radiation to treat your water. Following treatment by UrSpring, your water is in equilibrium; it is non-corrosive or aggressive as it would be through treatment by reverse osmosis. The process preserves essential minerals that should be present in the water, minerals which are so important for your body and health.

3. No more expensive water bottles

Great-tasting water at home from every tap. You’ll eliminate plastic waste, protect the environment, and save money! Plastic bottles are not only an environmental problem, the water in them may also contain plasticizers that cause allergies and illnesses.

4. No Viruses, No Bacteria, No Legionella

Suntuity WaterWorks water filters purify household water by filtering out viruses, bacteria such as Legionella, and parasites. UrSpring provides clean, refreshing drinking water straight from every tap. All done at low cost, with little to no maintenance required.

Technical data for UrSpring



Filtration performance (1)


Removal performance (2)

Virus (MS2 Phages)
Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli, Legonella)
Parasites (Cryptosporidia)
Rust & Particles

      Water consumption during flushing

      Less than < 1 gallon

      Max. operating pressure

      5 bar (75 psi)

      Max. operating temperature

      40°C (104°F)

      Weights, Dimensions

      H 49.9" x W 5.9" x D 6.4"
      Weight (dry): 26.5 pounds


      Automatic flushing by time-of-day
      Approved by EPA & German DVGW

          (1) Filtration performance depends on water quality and temperature. 
          (2) Virus and Bacteria removal of the Ultrafiltration membrane was measured by US EPA against EPA Standards for Ultrafiltration systems used on surface water filtration on a new membrane. The tests have been carried out using a Virex Pro unit which uses the same filter elements of the UrSpring systems.

          UrSpring Data Sheet