What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

Waterworks PURE

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3-Stage For Homeowners with Lead, PFOA's, Hard Water & up to 90 Toxins & Contaminants 

PURE System Includes:

    1st BioFilter - PreFilter:

    • External 20 Micron Pleated pre-filter, with 10 Micron Pleated Internal Filter
    • Extended service life, contaminant removal, and dirt holding capacity
    • The Orange series has nearly 6.5x more open area compared to standard 4.5"x 20" filters

    2nd BioFilter-M - LEAD & PFOA/PFOS Filter

    • Removes LEAD, CYST & PFOA/PFOS
    • Removes Dissolved Toxins
    • Removes Drug Residues
    • AntiTox removes Disolved Toxins, Pesticides, Drug residues
    • AntiTox removes Chlorine, Plasticizers, Antibiotics
    • AntiTox removes disinfection by-products (TTHMs)
    • No chemicals ‚Äď completely environmentally friendly

    3rd BioFilter - AntiCal & Anti Scale: 

    • Reduces water hardness naturally
    • Water softening¬†using Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)
    • Stabilization of Limescale for easy cleaning
    • Reduces limescale formation in water lines
    • Removes biofilm¬†

    Installation at the cold water transfer point

    The PURE¬†system is installed directly at the cold water transfer point in your home, so it removes all germs, pathogens, and single-celled and multi-cellular organisms from your water, completely and without a trace ‚Ästbefore¬†they can enter your home‚Äôs water lines.¬†

    Your Local plumber can easily install in 30 minutes. 

    Technical Data - BioFilters :

    AntiTox+¬†‚ÄstRemoval of PFOA/PFOS, Lead, Toxins and Drug Residues

    AntiTox+ AnitLead & PFOA/PFOS


    Granular activated Carbon, made from Coconut shell, acid washed


    PFOA/PFOS, Lead Reduction, plasticizers, residuals of Antibiotics, pesticides and lead
    Adsorption of dissolved organic matter in general
    Removes disinfection by-products (THM)
    Improves taste & odor


       > 300,000 gallons @ 15 GPM

        Max. flow

         15.3 gpm peak load, 13.6 gpm continuous

          AntiScale Removal of hardness and scale protection



          Ion Exchange media AntiCal


          reduces hardness measurable up to 20%
          reduces scaling in water heaters, on pipe surfaces, in coffee-makers and alike equipment significantly
          healthy minerals like calcium & magnesium are kept in water


             AntiCal(TM) medium has a typical lifetime of 5 to 10 years
            Please assure that the water does not contain double-positively-charged ions like Fe(II) or Cu(II) when entering into the AntiCal(TM) media, since that will destroy the funtionality of the media

              Max. flow

              20 gpm continuoush AntiTox: 15.3 gpm peak load