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What’s coming out of your tap? Enter your zip code

AntiCal - Replacement AroxBag (2019 - 2021 Systems)

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AntiCal AroxBag replacement for (2019 - 2021) BioFilter

  • Reduces water hardness naturally without chemicals
  • Limescale precipitates on surfaces are easy to wipe clean
  • Reduces the formation of limescale in water lines
  • No Chemicals - Environmental Friendly

      Natural protection against limescale with AntiCal

      Like many of our foods, our drinking water provides us daily with important minerals and trace elements. These include calcium and magnesium, minerals that are important for our metabolism and for the formation and preservation of our bones. But it is precisely these two substances that are responsible for water hardness and cause limescale deposits on pipes, in shower heads, and in water heaters.

      As long as water is deep in the ground, magnesium and calcium are stably dissolved in it. If it is then forced to the surface and transported through pipelines to our households, the pressure and temperature of the water change, and some of the previously stable magnesium and calcium solutes then combine with carbon dioxide in the water to become limescale crystals. This occurs primarily where there are already limescale crystals present, such as on pipe walls or in water heaters.

      The technology: stabilization of the limescale

      The AntiCal technology converts some of the hardness in the water to fine limescale crystals that are then suspended in the water and can no longer crystallize – or form classic limescale deposits – on the walls of pipes or water heaters.

      If the temperature or pressure in the water lines changes, most of the hardness will now tend to deposit on the fine crystals in the water instead of on the pipe wall, and the formation of limescale on surfaces will be sharply reduced.

      In this way, the Suntuity WaterWorks AntiCal merely controls a natural process, namely limescale formation, and ensures that the limescale first and foremost precipitates on limescale crystals that were formed by the Suntuity WaterWorks AntiCal and are now suspended in the water, instead of precipitating on surfaces such as pipes, water heaters, or shower heads.

      Technical Data - AntiCal AroxBag



      Suntuity WaterWorks AntiCalⓇ Medium


      Reduces hardness measurable up to 20%
      Reduces scaling in water heaters, on pipe surfaces, in coffee-makers and alike equipment significantly
      healthy minerals like calcium & magnesium are kept in water


        The Suntuity WaterWorks AntiCal(TM) medium has a typical lifetime of 5 to 10 years
        Please assure that the water does not contain double-positively-charged ions like Fe(II) or Cu(II) when entering into the AntiCal(TM) media, since that will destroy the functionality of the media

          Max. flow

          When stand-alone: 15.9 gpm peak load
          When combined: 12.5 gpm peak load

            Possible combinations

            Can be combined with Suntuity WaterWorks AntiTox or Suntuity WaterWorks AntiArsenic